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Hello and welcome. This is "Hungary Reports" - Public Media's English-language news show,
kicking off M-One's Foreign Language News Hour.
I'm Árpád Szőczi with the latest from Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Thanks for tuning in!
No way will the legislative package called "STOP SOROS" be withdrawn.
That's what the State Secretary for Government Communication said about the reactions of many in the cabinet.
Bence Tuzson said that it's typical that groups who are supported by billionnaire-financier
George Soros demand that these bills that will tighten laws surrounding civic groups that organize
and support migration be withdrawn.
Soros has said he wants Europe to accept millions of migrants.
"Attacking the Stop Soros proposal package will have no effect:
the government will not give in: it will protect Hungary's borders and will not withdraw the proposal."
- announced Bence Tuzson.
The State Secretary for Government Communication added that it's typically the organizations
funded by George Soros who want the proposal to be withdrawn.
To that, Bence Tuzson brought up the Hungarian Association for Migrants, Transparency International
and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee as examples.
"They attacked the Hungarian referendum on quotas
and as part of that the national consultation about the Soros Plan" - he said.
"The leglislation being prepared is a lie, arbitrary and harmful"
- The Hungarian Helsinki Committee wrote to about the Stop Soros legislative package.
"We find this regulation inexecutable, unnecessary, and malevolent."
- The legal director of Transparency International evaluated the proposal in January.
More than 600 remarks and comments were already
made on the leglislative package because of social debate on it.
According to the cabinet, many are demanding even stronger actions.
In the reactions we saw people ask that the 25% border protection tax be increased to as much as 150%,
that the penal code be stricter or that the effected organizations only be able to open bank
accounts with Hungarian banks.
The leglislative package will be one of the main topics of the government parties' faction meeting
next week, and they will hand in the proposal to Parliament by the beginning of the Spring session.
The spokesperson for Fidesz said that if the "STOP SOROS" draft bills get passed,
then Hungary will have built up another protective line stopping illegal migration.
Imre Puskás said that the latest attacks by Brussels against Hungary show that decision-makers
there are sticking to the Soros plan.
Puskás added that that's why it's important for Hungary to put up obstacles to those who
support migration and to their benefactors, as well.
The Visegrád-Four countries of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland
- as well as other nations opposing migration - have been given a big boost.
That, after the leader of the CSU Party in Germany - Horst Seehofer -
will be designated the new Minister of Interior.
That's what political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly told public television network M-One.
However, that will only happen if a deal on a coalition
will be approved by a key coalition partner - the SPD party.
Kiszelly pointed out that Seehofer would slow down migration - at least,
until the next state election in October.
Marriage has seldom been more popular in Hungary.
And so it's perfect timing for the annual Marriage Week that started Sunday nation-wide - and beyond.
There are hundreds of programs and events available, and drumming up interest is certainly not a problem.
In fact, people are popping the question in some of the most interesting situations,
as you're about to see.
Last January the audience of the Bat musical were
witnesses to one of the singers Zsolt Haja proposing to his girlfriend Rita Rácz another
singer on stage in the final acts of the musical.
They married the next day and now have a child together.
0his is one of the more than 50 thousand families who decided to tie the knot last year.
In the last 2 years, the number of newly weds have broken a ten year record.
" The number of marriages in 2016 broke 20-year records, and in 2017 that number grew.
More than 50 thousand people decided to get married in both years -
the government is trying to do everything in order to support young newly weds ." - said the expert.
This year's marriage week began on Sunday.
More than 300 programs await people nationwide and across the borders among Hungarian
minorities in order to attract attention to the importance of marriage and families.
The club of young families has also joined the initiative:
they started a contest on a social media site, in order to popularize marriage.
"We started a contest en titled "Our wedding" on our F acebook page
and we're awaiting wedding photos and stories from couples and we're hoping,
that with this small contest we can e ncourage the younger generation to get married."
- said the organizer.
Duna TV's "Család Barát" or "Family Friend" TV program also joined the marriage week initiative.
Next week, they'll introduce couples in the show, who are already married or are waiting to tie the knot.
The studio's set will also get a makeover:
wedding dresses, table decorations
and stylish accessories will be seen to help those getting ready for their big day.
On Monday the patron of the program series Anita Herczeg,
the wife of President János Áder will also be a guest on the show.
The Agricultural Committee of the European Parliament has agreed to present the so-called
"Honey Report" that will better control and protect honey production.
That's what one of the supporters of the bill - Norbert Erdős - said.
The Hungarian MP in the European Parliament added that it will be put to a vote on March
first at the European Union in Strasbourg.
Erdős said that this is important because Hungary is the E-U's third largest producer of honey,
exporting 100 thousand tons of it to other E-U countries
while countries like China also export to the E-U, but 20 per cent of their produce is contaminated.
Csángós are a group of Hungarians who settled in what is now Moldavia, Romania on the other side of the
Carpathian Mountains half-a-millenium ago and were thus separated from the rest of the Hungarian nation.
Szeklers are also Hungarians who live mainly in compact communities in Transylvania in central Romania.
Both groups maintain their Hungarian customs and language.
They both had balls on the weekend in Budapest to highlight their unique Hungarianness.
" The Székelyudvarhely Dance Group started off the fifth Budapest Szekler Ball Saturday night.
"Szeklers are a part of the Hungarian nation - they're Hungarian speakers, identify as Hungarian,
and when we get so many wicked attacks in this world,
and have to defend our nation state so much, then national solidarity has a definitely strong value,"
said the mayor of Budapest.
At the event, honorary Szekler awards were handed out and people signed
a petition in support of a drive for minority rights called
the Minority SafePack and organized by a European civic group.
Just like in previous years, all proceeds from the evening will go to a charity.
At the Millenáris, csangos also said their good-byes to winter on Saturday night.
At the Csángó Ball locals from Budapest could also get to know the uniquely rich folklore art
and customs of the Csángós from Moldova and the Gyimes region in Transylvania.
The Hungarian carnival - called Farsang - is an integral part of Hungarian culture,
and the Budapest Farsang was also a highlight and an indispensable element at the Csangó Festival,
said the Deputy Speaker of Parliament for legislation.
"The Csángós speak an archaic dialect and their preserved customs remind us of what we were once like.
By preserving their language, and their true adherence to their religion, their identity,
their association and their native soil, that is also a warning to us about how we should be,"
said the government caucus chief.
The 22nd Csángó Ball was indeed an opportunity for artists,
folk music and folklore specialists to present the culture of the Csángós who live in the diaspora.
Over at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Hungary may not have made it yet on the medals podium,
but its squad seems to be making points on the sports fashion stage when it
comes to its official Olympics outfit.
The American news portal "Breitbart" rated Hungary's team dress as the fourth-best at the Games.
They wrote: "Team Hungary went for vibrancy with their lime green and scarves
and beanies paired with a white and pale grey jacket and pants set."
The website also found it interesting that Team Hungary's uniforms
veer away from its traditional flag colors.
Hungary's Carnival season - or Farsang - is still going strong.
More than 14 hundred Busó-s - those people wearing scary masks and sheep-skin overalls -
paraded all the way through the centre of the Busó world - Mohács - in southern Hungary.
This is also home to the biggest Hungarian carnival celebration.
More than 10 thousand visitors are in town,
some having travelled hundreds of kilometers to experience this UNESCO World Heritage Cultural event.
The highlight of the celebrations will be on Monday at the town's main square
when they will burn a scarecrow in a giant bonfire signifying the end of winter.
Lovers of romantic locations love to visit the ruins of the Wenckheim Castle
located between Békéscsaba and Gyula.
Built at the beginning of the last century,
this neo-barock building still attracts a crowd despite its dilapidated condition.
The three-story building had 72 rooms as well as running water, gas heating and electricity.
Now, it's no longer safe to go inside,
but the park surrounding it is still a great place for people to get together and just relax.
And that's all for now, but please don't forget,
you can catch Hungary Reports after the 11 PM Hungarian news - and online, as always.
Stick around now if you can for our news shows in German, Russian and Chinese.
Thanks for watching, and "minden jót!"

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